dr Paweł Szafraniec asystent officej:  F, room 2 phone: +48 12 662 4688 e-mail: pawel.szafraniec.wmii@gmail.com consultations for students: Wednesday: 11:15-13.15 Main topic of research is theoretical mechanics and mathematical side of what is called contact mechanics. This includes analysis of viscoelastic bodies, especially thermoviscoelastic materials with nonmonotone contact and friction laws, described by Clarke subdifferential. Recently … Read more


Asc.Prof. Michał Cupiał Head of the Department of Production Management and Applied Computer Science office:  A, room 14 phone: +48 12 662 4623 e-mail: michal.cupial@ur.krakow.pl www: www.mcpk.net consultations for students: Monday 11:00 -12:00, Wednesday 11:00 – 12:00 My research interests include issues related to: – Applications of Computer Science in Agricultural Engineering, – Use of Information … Read more